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Once again .aero will be participating in the high-level ATA e-Business Forum, to be held this year from 17-19 October at Miami Beach, Florida.

The ATA e-Business Program focuses on the creation of standards for information exchange to support engineering, maintenance, matériel management and flight operations. Members include airlines, aerospace manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, repair agencies, software providers and consultants who jointly develop a variety of standards used to make information exchange easier and more efficient.

Each year, the e-Business Forum provides an overview of the latest developments in information exchange for the commercial aviation industry to support engineering, maintenance, materiel and flight operations. Conference topics include the industry's most widely accepted e-business specifications (iSpec 2200 and Spec 2000) and next-generation technical data standards for commercial and military applications (S1000D).

About the ATA

Founded in 1936, the Air Transport Association of America (ATA) is the oldest and largest airline trade association in the US, representing the country's leading airlines. Since its inception, the Association has played a major role in all significant US government decisions regarding aviation, including the creation of the Civil Aeronautics Board and the Federal Aviation Administration, the creation of the air traffic control system and airline deregulation.

ATA states that it aims to lead industry efforts to shape crucial policy decisions and support measures that enhance aviation safety, security and the vitality of the aviation system. The Association employs experts representing a wide range of industry disciplines, and provides an array of services to members, including committees designed to deal with issues related to fuel, airports, engineering and maintenance, the environment, training, security, ground safety, medical issues and international affairs, among others.

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