Involvement of re-sellers from the Aviation Community

All .aero domain names must be registered through an ICANN-accredited registrar who has the technology and skills to provide professional domain registration services. However, many ICANN-accredited registrars lack aviation-specific experience and access to the aviation community.

To extend the usage of .aero in the Air Transport Community, SITA highly encourages partnerships between registrars and parties who have good understanding and access to the community like distributors of aviation goods and services, aviation industry associations, trade unions or web portals catering to the aviation community.

Contacts with associations and other aviation community members who have expressed an interest to work with registrars directly are shown in Contact Details. If you seek advice regarding the associations or other aviation organisations operating in a given area/geographical region, please contact for further information.

Please note that SITA cannot and will not provide any recommendations with respect to the choice of a particular registrar or take part in the actual negotiations between any registrar and potential re-seller. We are required by ICANN to treat all registrars equally and therefore we have to maintain neutral position with respect to any such arrangements.