Why become a .aero registrar

The thriving market for domain names has created new opportunities in the wholesale market. .aero, as an industry specific domain name, offers a unique opportunity to registrars and resellers. It allows you to focus your marketing activity on a pre-defined target group with unique selling points.

We support you

Unlike other generic or country specific TLDs, .aero as a community initiative, run by aviation for aviation, invests a significant amount of time and resources to promote .aero within the aviation community. Thereby supporting the marketing efforts of our .aero authorized registrars. We also make available to our registrars professional marketing materials which are ready for you to download and customize, should you wish, with your logo and messaging to enable you to generate demand for registrations. Learn more about becoming a .aero registrar in 3 easy steps.

What can .aero offer that a generic TLD cannot?

  • Exclusivity - in that, only members of the aviation community incorporating airlines. airports, companies, organizations, associations, government agencies and qualified individuals; may register a domain name in .aero.
  • Increased Visibility - .aero removes the registrant from the anonymity of the Internet, with a suffix that identifies them as belonging to aviation, clearly demonstrating their aviation specific expertise and business focus
  • For new and small companies - it can help establish their Internet presence through the branding/marketing element of the .aero suffix,
  • For qualified individuals and professionals - the use of a .aero domain name for their web site and email address not only conveys a professional image but clearly identifies their role in aviation.
  • For established companies - .aero can help strengthen their online identity - many were beaten in the rush for .com names and this creates a new opportunity for the aviation community to strengthen their Internet presence and brand.
  • Demonstrate their affiliation with aviation - professionals, organizations, suppliers and service providers can use .aero web sites to
  • Faster access - the world's airlines and airports can use their designated industry codes, followed by .aero, to help travelers quickly access their websites.
  • Free listing in .aero online directory - this complimentary service provides a valuable and easy to use resource for aviation industry professionals, which enable companies and organizations to more efficiently locate precise and detailed information about aviation services and products
  • Particiapte in the development of .aero - as a community innitiative, run exclusively by and for the aviation community, memebers have role to play in the future development and governance of .aero unlike in generic TLDs.