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A global cross-industry initiative that is supported and financed by the commercial aviation industry has chosen .aero as a key part of its branding. has been established by the commercial aviation industry body, the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) to provide clear information on industry measures being undertaken to limit the impact of aviation on the environment.


Back in 2005, the UN'sWorld Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) produced fine documents and promises of action to come. So what progress has been made in some of the most significant areas of concern for the evolution and availability of information and communication technologies (ICT)?

Governments and stakeholders have addressed significant issues, including:

• building infrastructure to enhance connectivity

• fostering access to information services

11-11-2008 handles more than 850 international domain name extensions alongside domain registration. It is an authorized registrar for the .aero domain. The company also employs domain management tools such as Domain Name System (DNS) record management and domain hosting.

Through 101Domain Worldwide Domain Manager, the company offers a secure web-based portal that consolidates domain names into a single company portfolio available anytime, anywhere.


Two .aero external service providers were present at the 2008 Oshkosh Air Venture convention inWisconsin, US, at the beginning of August.

Registry operator Afilias and .aero registrar Names Beyond welcomed visitors from all sections of the aviation community - from airport authorities to professional aviators. Their presence was part of a broader strategy to raise awareness of the .aero domain with business aircraft operators, pilots and aviation professionals - as well as air sports participants.


At the annual convention of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (see review on page five) SITA and its partners used the opportunity to highlight the availability of three-letter airport codes in the .aero domain.

Representatives from Afilias, registry operator of the .aero domain, and Namesbeyond, a .aero authorized registrar, generated the interest of a wide variety of members of the air transport industry - from private pilots to aerospace supply companies.


GENEVA - 4 November 2008 - SITA today issued a reminder that December 1, 2008 is the cut-off date for airports wishing to register their three letter IATA airport codes with .aero, the SITA-sponsored internet domain for the air transport industry.

From December 1, these unique IATA location identifiers will no longer be reserved exclusively for airports but will be available for registration to any qualifying organization or individual, on a first-come-first-served basis and through accredited registrars.


Concerns have been raised in recent months over a new phenomenon known as "domain name front running".

This occurs when someone conducts a search for a domain name and, shortly thereafter, someone else (a "front runner"), using information obtained during the search, pre-emptively registers the name. This action prevents domain names from being registered by those who were originally interested.


It's easy to forget that, when Tim Berners-Lee first thought up what he called the World Wide Web in 1990, it was intended simply as a tool for the use of fellow scientists associated with CERN, the particle physics research centre that straddles the French/Swiss border near Geneva. The TCP/IP protocol was already offering the infrastructure. Berners-Lee's genius was to find a way of connecting hypertext with the Internet and personal computers.


Active in more than 50 countries, Universal Aviation is the ground support division of Universal Weather and Aviation Inc., which began operations almost 50 years ago providing weather briefings for Corporate aviation.

Universal Aviation covers Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America, as well as the US. It offers services through independent ground handling providers, dealing with the administrative and other details needed for international travel.


Regtime Ltd was the first Russian ICANN-accredited registrar to offer a full service of cyrillic domains to Russian companies and individuals. Russian is the native or second language for more than 230 million people, so the decision to launch cyrillic language domains in 2001 was an important stage in the ability of Russian-speakers to access the Internet and the World Wide Web. Regtime continues to play a key role in the development of the Internet in Russia, including its work with the Cyrillic Languages Internet Names Consortium (CLINC).


From 28 July to 3 August, the town of Oshkosh, in the US state of Wisconsin, becomes the place of choice for up to 750,000 people with one interest in mind - a passion for flying. Some 10,000 aircraft will be flown into EAA AirVenture by enthusiasts from around the world. This is the annual convention of the Experimental Aircraft Association - known universally as EAA - a body formed in 1953 as a local club for those who restored and built their own aircraft.


When you're running a trade exhibition, you need to get the message across to potential exhibitors and visitors quickly, efficiently and clearly. Air transport industry exhibitions command an increasingly global audience - so precision in marketing is vital.

Relevance is also critical, so 'hats off' to a growing number of exhibitors in the business aviation sector who are using the .aero domain to emphasize their community credentials. Three examples of this trend recently came to our attention.


NamesBeyond – the US-based ICANN–accredited .aero registrar – has been successfully using the media to spread the message that airlines only have until 30 November this year to register their pre-reserved IATA-location identifiers within the .aero domain.

After 1 December, those airport codes will be available for registration to any qualifying organization or individual, on a first-come-first-served basis and through accredited registrars.