Badger Aero
Badger Aero offers a wide variety of aviation services, intelligence and analysis.

Aircraft interior design, aircraft seating design, cabin arrangement and passenger experience, airline brand and identity and livery design

Flightshop International
Flightshop International is a leading European supplier of gps, charts, headsets and other pilot supplies. We are an authorized reseller for Jeppesen, Garmin, David & Clark and other well known aviation products. Flightshop International is an online pilot shop, offering outstanding customer service and guaranteed lowest prices.

Island Aviation Holdings, Inc
Supplier of Avionic & Electrical Instruments for General & Commercial Aviation

NEFCO Design offers design and engineering services for the aircraft industry. We supply drawings, reports, analysis, field approvals and STC's for installations and modifications of avionics, antennas and interiors. We provide Damage Tolerance reports when required and can also assist with Systems, Electrical designs and approvals.

Pacific Coast Avionics
Pacific Coast Avionics is a leading worldwide supplier of avionics, instruments, headsets, and pilot supplies. The company performs factory-authorized installation and repair services on piston and turbine aircraft. Pacific Coast Avionics is a one stop avionics and pilot shop, offering outstanding customer service and guaranteed lowest prices.

Scandinavian Aviation Store
Scandinavian Aviation Store is an international business and is a supplier of flight equipment throughout Europe. Scandinavian Aviation Store is a subsidiary of SFSA Holding KB (LP)

The PocketFMS Foundation
The PocketFMS Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing the enjoyment of aviators worldwide by providing the means for improved safety and convenience; above and beyond what has been done before.