AirFi (by MI Airline)
AirFi (by MI Airline) provides a new type of low-cost Inflight Entertainment. The AirFi Box is a compact, portable, battery-powered and self-scaling WiFi network, not in any way connected to the aircraft. The AirFi Platform provides passengers a large range of options when they connect their own tablets or smartphones to the network: order tax-free or catering products during the entire flight, play (multiplayer) games with other passengers, on-board chat, read destination information, enroll in airline loyalty programs or report faulty seats.

Badger Aero
Badger Aero offers a wide variety of aviation services, intelligence and analysis.

Aircraft interior design, aircraft seating design, cabin arrangement and passenger experience, airline brand and identity and livery design

Island Aviation Holdings, Inc
Supplier of Avionic & Electrical Instruments for General & Commercial Aviation