AN Aviation services CO.
Was established 1991, a ground handling agent and flight Support Company based in Egypt, authorized by CAA Egypt. Handle all types of aircraft. one of the leaders of Aviation in Africa. The Trust of our customers helped us to become one of the biggest Aviation companies. we arrange permits, traffic rights, ground handling, fuel, and catering in all African & Asian countries through our sister companies in more than 35 locations.

AvJet International (FZE)
AvJet International provide professional and cost-effective assistance with flight clearances, fuel and handling services to the operators who are flying into the various airports of Africa, Asia & Middle-East, providing its clients with comfort and convenience of 24-hour flight support services and tuned global network of ground handlers and representatives at those airports. Call 00971-6-5574755 to get a sales quote on our aviation services or e-mail us on

Flight Plan Service Provider in India for more than 50+ Aircraft and Complete Trip Support Company including Fuel Uplift, Hotel Booking & Ground Handling.

First Class Aviation
passenger shuttle, taxi executives, ground services, baggage handling, and others.

Helicon Aeronautics
Specialized in Flight Planning, Permits (Clearances) Ground Handling and Re-fueling

Proground GmbH
With airlines concentrating on efficiency today, PROGROUND is your choice for airports in Germany. We provide the customized services you require and the quality your passengers expect.


ACTIVITIES OF SAINA FANAVARY ATRAS COMPANY 1- Manufacturer of Tools & fixtures in field of power plant (commercial engine- CFM family) as below field: 1-1-Engine Removal & Assembly Tooling 1-2 – Inspection Fixtures 1-3- Lifting Equipment 1-4- Support Equipment 1-5- Gear Box Strip, Assembly ,Inspection 2-Manufacturer of all types of Torque wrench multiplier 3.000 TO 1.600.000 LBFIN Manual or PLC 3- Manufacturer of all tools and fixtures for brake system BOING 747-200&300 AIRBUS 300-600&A310&A320&A340 M/D BAE 4- Manufacturer of Hydraulic and Pneumatic test stand 5-Manufacturer of all tools and fixtures for Landing Gears BOING 747-200&300 AIRBUS 300-600&A310&A320&A340 M/D BAE 6- Maintenance and Major Repairs for Landing Gears Chrome plating-Grinding-Cadmium coating-Anodizing-Sand blast-…. BOING 747-200&300 AIRBUS 300-600&A310&A320&A340 M/D BAE 7- Maintenance and Major Repairs for APU&STARTERS AIRBUS ,BOEING,BAE.FOCKER

SFSA Holding KB Ltd
SFSA Holding KB Ltd.Providing pre-flight brefing service on the internet for pilots, flight dispatchers and aircraft operators/owners.Offer the aviation industry consulting services.Former named SFSA Web Briefing Office

Skypermits Flight Support
Skypermits A global leader in executive aviation, providing its clients with comfort and convenience,capable of providing you with all kinds of services such as: Obtaining Overflight and Landing Clearances anywhere around the world,Ground Handling Service Facilities with highly competitive prices for any trip type , Fueling Arrangements, Computerized & ATC Flight Plans, NOTAMS & Weather Forecasts, Visa Assistance, Hotel Accommodation and Transportation, Catering...etc Utilizing more than 16 years of experience in the field which includes a wide network. We are pleased to be of service to your requirements. Please contact our 24 hrs operations center

Efficient ground handling services at your destination can be equally important as the flight itself. We have many years of experience in dealing with ground handling equipment's suppliers around the world and can recommend and arrange the handling appropriate for your flight. Credit facilities for approved clients are also available. It is not what you know, but who you know that makes for a smooth experience. Our mission is to achieve a value-added growth ensuring utmost satisfaction of our principal as well as our clients. In this regard we always strive to capitalize in the market with outward orientation instilling dynamism into the organization. Our goal is to reach the customer with the best solution for all their flights needs.