ACES-Aircraft Conformance Engineering Services
Design conformity & quality assurance of Cabin during VIP Completions, Re-imaging,Fleet Branding through client rep on site to assure value for money for all Boeing & Airbus Jet Types.

ATL is an EASA, UK CAA and UK MoD design organisation specialising in the design and certification of modiifications and STCs to install avionic equipment and interiors and the design of repairs to airframe structure. ATL can provide EASA Approved LOPAs and SEPs and re-certification of seats. ATL are approved to provide reports for the importation of aircraft on to the UK and other European registers.

Aircraft interior design, aircraft seating design, cabin arrangement and passenger experience, airline brand and identity and livery design

LIFT Strategic Design
LIFT Strategic Design is a Tokyo-based consultancy that specializes in cabin interior design, brand identity, and product development for airlines and suppliers in Asia-Pacific. LIFT delivers innovative ideas with reliability, strong client support and competitive fees.

NEFCO Design offers design and engineering services for the aircraft industry. We supply drawings, reports, analysis, field approvals and STC's for installations and modifications of avionics, antennas and interiors. We provide Damage Tolerance reports when required and can also assist with Systems, Electrical designs and approvals.

Pacific Coast Avionics
Pacific Coast Avionics is a leading worldwide supplier of avionics, instruments, headsets, and pilot supplies. The company performs factory-authorized installation and repair services on piston and turbine aircraft. Pacific Coast Avionics is a one stop avionics and pilot shop, offering outstanding customer service and guaranteed lowest prices.

Rainmaker Operations Intelligence enables airlines to better manage services and control costs such as fuel consumption, on-time performance and crew utilisation. Delivering immediate access to valuable operational information, Rainmaker Operations Intelligence rapidly enables effective and cost-efficient decision making. Our solution utilises data you already have (but can't get at easily). We pull the right data together from wherever it resides. Save time, burn less fuel, improve On Time Performance and crew utilisation.