acp-IT AG
acp-IT provides state-of-the-art software applications for advanced forecasting, planning and optimization in complex business domains. Our GORDIO Airports solution offers operative highly accurate Passenger Flow Forecasting, supporting in proactive instead of reactive management of resources associated with passenger flow. Identifying potential problems and applying proactive management IROP (IRregular OPerations) may be avoided or if unavoidable, lessen the negative impact of an IROP

AIMS Inc, founded in 1973, is one of the world's largest suppliers of Crew Management, Operations Control and Commercial Planning Systems. It is installed in over 50 airlines. It's modular structure makes it particularly well suited to meeting the needs of all airlines from initial start-up, to the very largest schedule and charter operations.

Airpas Aviation AG
Airpas Aviation AG is a software provider & consultancy company which offers a unique route profitability & cost management software solution.

Associated Technologies Inc
Web based tools that allow the detailed estimating of bid packages and program management including first lot tracking and status reporting from any global location. This software gives total visibility to the outsourcing of manufactured parts.

Aviation Data Logistics Alliance
With the ability to offer hosting and data logistics services, supported by effective process mapping and training, the Aviation Data Logistics Alliance will bring a new level of data quality, retention, and reporting to the industry. With the hardware infrastructure and interfaces offered by IPC, and the powerful process training and consulting offered by Aviation Integration, business aircraft operators can spend less time managing their systems and more time managing sales and service functions that their business depend on.

Badger Aero
Badger Aero offers a wide variety of aviation services, intelligence and analysis.

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UKGA. Private Pilots information services

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UKGA. Private Pilots information services

Component Control
Component Control is a leading developer and provider of aviation management software solutions. In addition to its core product, Quantum Control, the company licenses Internet Quantum (iQ) e-commerce technology directly to parts distributors, aviation suppliers, fleet operators, OEMs, FBOs, and repair facilities worldwide. Quantum Control ERP software combines aircraft maintenance, shop floor control, inventory management, accounting, e-commerce, sales and invoicing, and more. Over 750 customers in 44 countries use Quantum to manage their aviation operations.

Cosairus develops custom software systems for the global airline industry. We have a wide experience in areas like flight operations (EFB, Crew Management), maintenance, customer service and ground handling. Our team utilizes software engineering practices to develop reliable, secure and maintainable systems. Cosairus chose the .aero domain to show our customers that we are serious about our involvement in the aviation industry. The .aero domain conveys this marketing message clearly and effectively from the moment a customer types our URL.