Donovan Systems LLC
Donovan Systems provides real-time ATC surveillance and flight information to airlines, airports, Fixed-Based Operators and other aviation subscribers using customer specified interfaces for the industry data feeds provided by the FAA SWIM and EuroControl NM services. Our data centers receive the latest data products from the FAA and EuroControl operational networks using the mandated interface technologies of the respective providers. We parse, filter and translate the complex message structures to deliver the operational data you need in the format you desire. We also provide browser-based visualization tools for aircraft surveillance, flight information, traffic flow initiatives, and weather products, giving your users the necessary information to improve the efficiency of your airline or airport operations. Please email for more information or pricing.

GRUPOecho srl.
echoGroup srl, es una compañía dedicada a prestar Servicios y Soluciones tecnológicas y de gestión especialmente en el área aeronáutica. Contamos con personal experimentado, y esto nos permite detectar aquellas necesidades y problemas en los cuales muchas veces, las compañías, no ponen especial atención y que podrían, en una economía de gran escala, convertirse en fuertes pérdidas económicas. Brindamos soluciones económicas y robustas.

International Flight Support
Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) tools and online services for public and private air transport companies. The tool box includes Aircrafts Performance and Load calculations, Flight Reports and Technical logs, plus Crew Notifications ans Scheduling. The TWA system is no. 1 in Europe chosen by a number of airlines focusing on security and productivity.

Lissys Ltd
Piano is a unique professional tool for the analysis of commercial aircraft. It is used in preliminary design, competitor evaluation, performance studies and other developmental tasks by airframe and engine manufacturers, aviation research establishments and governmental or decision-making institutions throughout the world.

Lockr Aero
As an established service provider to the industry, provides record keeping services in the cloud for pilots and aircraft owners/operators. Available anywhere at anytime, our solutions provide the aviation industry an effective means of logging hours for pilots and recording flight hours for aircraft, maintenance performed, scheduled items, defects and so forth for aircraft. Records are accessible offline (requires app), available on Apple and Android platforms as well as any modern browser.

Mercator is the IT division of the Emirates Group and is a leading supplier of IT solutions to the global air travel industry. Mercator's portfolio encompasses airline financial solutions, air cargo and logistics solutions, passenger and airport solutions, airline process outsourcing and airline business consultancy - tested and proven around the world. The philosophy behind the development of each Mercator solution ensures that each adds significant value by reducing costs, improving processes and increasing productivity.

Mothership Aeronautics
Mothership Aeronautics manufactures and operates sUAS for surveillance aerial data collection of infrastructure. Our specialty lies in high endurance solar powered autonomous airships for linear infrastructure inspection.

SafetyLinQ is SaaS flight risk analysis tool offered by ARGUS International, the world leader in safety and analytics solutions for the private aviation industry.

STR-SpeechTech Ltd.
STR-SpeechTech (STR) is a leading supplier of superior quality text-to-speech systems for high performance broadcasting applications. STR has been dedicated to meeting its customers' needs for high quality speech and signal processing products for over 25 years. For the aviation industry, STR's StarCaster® ATIS, VOLMET, RIS and related products serve to reduce the workload of all managers of Air Traffic Control Towers and Flight Service Stations, who need a reliable method of generating broadcasts that pilots can easily understand. Designed as a COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) system that needs minimal ATC personnel involvement, StarCaster is easy to use. StarCaster's broadcasts are clear and consistent, controlled to conform to ICAO and WMO standards. StarCaster is available as a dual-language system, with graphical interfaces and full audio provided in English paired with French, Portuguese or Spanish. Installed in over 23 countries, StarCaster is trusted by governmental authorities (such as the FAA, DND Canada, the US Air Force and the US Coast Guard, etc.), Air Traffic Managers and ATC personnel for its reliable performance, simple interfaces and clear broadcasts. More than 150 StarCaster systems are deployed in countries such as Columbia, Egypt, Ghana, Iceland, Korea and Panama. For more information about STR-SpeechTech Ltd's deployments and products, visit our website.

TripleR is a truly independent company providing service for airports and airlines. TripleR is specialised in the following air travel industry products: CUTE, BHS, BRS, BSM, WAN and HOST systems. With the in-depth knowledge of the interactions required by the local Airport and the international Airlines, we believe to be the right partner for Airports, requiring information from the airline community and for airlines requiring global support.