The SPACEPOL Corporation is a multilingual and multinational provider of literature and R&D services for the fields of Space Law and Technology Management. We employ a circular "research-literature-consulting" approach and the activities are therefore divided into a publishing and a R&D/Consulting arm. The company is a registered provider of products and services to the European Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency, the Government of Canada and the United Nations.

Tilgreen Aviation Inc
Tilgreen Aviation provides consulting to the aviation and aerospace industry in the areas of; Social Media ✈ Aviation Technology ✈ Sales & Marketing ✈ Aircraft Acquisitions ✈ Flight Training ✈ Flight Operations ✈ Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer service and integrity for our clients. We are committed to always listening, fully understanding your business needs, and providing the right solution.

TripleR is a truly independent company providing service for airports and airlines. TripleR is specialised in the following air travel industry products: CUTE, BHS, BRS, BSM, WAN and HOST systems. With the in-depth knowledge of the interactions required by the local Airport and the international Airlines, we believe to be the right partner for Airports, requiring information from the airline community and for airlines requiring global support.

Worldwide Integrated Flight Support Corporation
Avaiation data communications and flight operations/dispatch consulting and support services.