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"There are many myths and untruths about aviation's impact on the environment.

FAA airport codes in .aero currently under review

As .aero has developed, the awareness of airport three letter location identifiers as shortcuts for pilots, travelers and other industry professionals has also increased.

Current .aero registration policy allows the reservation and registration of IATA-assigned location identifiers for this purpose but most airports in the US know the code as their three letter location identifiers as assigned by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – and these are not always the same as the IATA codes.

Forthcomming Aviation Association sponsored events

Forthcomming Aviation Association sponsored events

NBAA 58th Annual Meeting & Convention will be relocated to Orlando, FL. The Convention will take place from Wednesday, November 9 – Friday, November 11, a week earlier than originally planned.

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IATA's Strategic Information Technology Conference, 29 – 30 November 2005, Bangkok, Thailand

ICANN SSAC Advisory SAC008: DNS Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

In early February 2006, name servers hosting top level domain zones were the repeated recipients of extraordinary heavy traffic loads.

ICANN SSAC Report SAC009: Alternative TLD Name Systems and Roots – Conflict, Control and Consequences

This report examines alternative root server systems and alternative TLD name system administrators generically, i.e. according to the characteristics SSAC associates with a class of operator rather than by the characteristics of individual operators.

By elevating our examination to this level, we can focus on the common characteristics of each class of operator, and perhaps more accurately assess whether TLD name system administration and root name service operation of a given class create security and stability issues.

Industry Events

Aviation Outlook Summit - Australia Pacific

03-06 August 2009.

Four Seasons Hotel - Sydney, Australia

International registry of mobile aircraft assets

This registry will allow financial institutions to register their financial interest in aircraft and through this establish their priority of interest in such holdings. As a result, the risk of lending can be better assessed allowing financial institutions to drastically reduce the interest rates they currently charge.

Living the passion .aero

There are already more than 70 domains registered within the recreational aviation registrant groups – comprising air sports clubs and their members, federations, national associations, organizers of competitions linked to air sports, and suppliers of air sports equipment.

"We hope that the new policy introduced for this group, as well as the new simplified process of registration, will attract and encourage more registered users to this group" says Elena Vladkova, .aero Customer Liaison Specialist.

Meet the registrars - Namesbeyond

Names Beyond is a US-based ICANN-accredited registrar offering online identity protection and domain management services. The company has systems dispersed in India, South East Asia and Canada, as well as North America. We spoke to their founder, President and CEO Uma Murali.

Q: Your company became accredited in December 2005, making you one of the most recently contracted .aero registrars. What made you decide to offer .aero?

Meet the registrars - Regtime

Regtime Ltd was the first Russian ICANN-accredited registrar to offer a full service of cyrillic domains to Russian companies and individuals. Russian is the native or second language for more than 230 million people, so the decision to launch cyrillic language domains in 2001 was an important stage in the ability of Russian-speakers to access the Internet and the World Wide Web. Regtime continues to play a key role in the development of the Internet in Russia, including its work with the Cyrillic Languages Internet Names Consortium (CLINC).