Step 1 - Initial Process

Please complete all documents listed below and submit to Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques (SITA), the .aero Registry Sponsor, at the following address:

.aero Office
Chemin de Joinville, 26
P.O. Box 31
1216 Cointrin - Geneva

• Submit one (1) signed and completed Registrar Data Form, filled out by your organization's authorized person(s)
• Submit three (3) signed original Confidentiality Agreements, duly signed by your organization's authorized person(s)
• Submit one (1) signed original Facsimile Authorization Form, (to enable us to accept faxes from you as authentic)

Upon the receipt of the above documents, SITA will review the application and notify you within approximately 48-72 business hours to set-up an interview.

Once SITA determines that you are suitable registrar for the sponsored TLD , it will notify ICANN about its intention to authorise the Applicant. Applicant must sign two (2) copies of the .aero Appendix of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) with ICANN.

Once ICANN notifies SITA that the .aero Appendix was signed by the Registrar, SITA will establish the usernames and passwords for the OT&E environment and an OT&E Welcome Package will be sent by courier to the Applicant.

Signed originals are required of most documents - faxed versions are not acceptable. You may want to courier the documents to expedite the process.

Registrar Data Form
The Registrar Data Form provides SITA and Afilias with the information necessary to set up your registrar account. A copy is included in the welcome kit along with instructions on how to complete it. Please return one (1) completed and signed copy of the form to SITA at the address listed above. Electronic copies and faxes are acceptable. Unless marked otherwise, ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED.

Confidentiality Agreement
Registrars are required to sign and return THREE (3) original Confidentiality Agreements before obtaining access to OT&E. All three originals are to be signed by your organization's authorized person. Please return the three (3) signed original Confidentiality Agreements to SITA at the address listed above. Faxes of this agreement will not be accepted.

Facsimile Authorization Form
This Facsimile Authorization Form grants authorization for SITA and Afilias to send your OT&E password and other key information to a fax number designated by you. Please return one (1) signed original to SITA at the address listed above. Faxes of this form will not be accepted.

Checklist for Step 1
SITA expects the following documents to be returned:

  • One (1) completed and signed Registrar Data Form
  • Three (3) signed original Confidentiality Agreements
  • One (1) completed and signed Facsimile Authorization Form.