Step 2 - Business and Legal Process

In Step 2 you are required to complete the business and legal requirements to establish your account with Afilias, the .aero Registry Operator. Step Two can be performed in parallel with Step 3.

Please complete all documents in Step 2 and submit to Afilias plc (Afilias) at the address listed below:

Afilias USA, Inc.
Building 3, Suite 105
300 Welsh Road
Horsham, PA 19044

Registry Registrar Agreement (RRA)
The Registry Registrar Agreement (RRA) is the contract between Afilias and the registrar.

In the RRA, please fill in:

  • Page 1: Your company's legally registered name (as listed on your ICANN accreditation), place and type of incorporation, and the address of your principle place of business.
  • Page 11, section 6.2: Your state and/or country of incorporation.
  • Page 15, section 10.2: Addresses, phone and fax numbers where you would like legal notices to be sent to you.
  • Page 17: Registrar signature block of the RRA. Please leave the "Effective Date" blank. It will be completed by Afilias.
  • Page 22, Exhibit C: Attach a copy of your FULL Registration Agreement (the contract you have with your registrants), which includes the requirements listed in the RRA.

Please return the three (3) signed original RRAs to the address listed above.

Registrar Financial Information
In order to open your account, you must provide some form of payment security to Afilias. Afilias permits Cash Deposits as payment security, whereby a Registrar wire transfers funds to an Afilias bank account. Billable transactions are debited against the Registrar's account. Exhibit A outlines the wire transfer requirements and banking information.

A copy of the Registrar Financial Information Form is included in the welcome kit. PLEASE COMPLETE ALL FIELDS ON THE FORM. Please return the signed original Financial Information Form to Afilias.

Also, please read Afilias' Credit and Payment Policy document.

Company Formation documents
Please submit a copy of your company formation documents to verify your legal identity when entering into an agreement with Afilias.

Insurance Certificate
Please provide a certificate of insurance per the requirements listed in the RRA.

Checklist for Step 2
Afilias expects the following documents to be returned:

  • Three (3) signed original Registry Registrar Agreements
  • One (1) signed original Registrar Financial Information Form
  • Payment security - cash deposit
  • Copy of your company's formation documents
  • Copy of your company's insurance certificate

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