Step 3 - Technical Process

In Step 3 - Technical Process, you are required to develop the client application that will interface to the Afilias Shared Registration System. The Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) environment is available for you to test your client system. Afilias requires registrars to demonstrate correct operation of their client application by performing an OT&E certification process.

To complete this step, you will have to schedule a time slot for your formal certification. Please contact the technical support team to schedule that time slot. It is highly recommended that you do so as soon as you start Step 3.

The Abridged Version of the OT&E Acceptance Criteria in PDF format is available here. Registrars that are authorized for other Afilias Managed Domain Registries may only need to complete the Abridged Version of .aero OT&E Acceptance Criteria.

The OT&E EPP RFC Acceptance Criteria is in PDF format here.

Afilias provides a number of Frequently Asked Questions documents to help you understand the requirements and develop your client application.

To learn about the Registrar Tool Kit that Afilias provides to registrars to aid in their client development, please see Registrar Toolkit FAQs. The Registrar Tool Kit is listed below.

EPP v1.0

The .aero registry has deployed EPP RFC (v1.0) on 15 February 2006. Registrars' clients are required to connect to EPP RFC v1.0

To learn about the OT&E certification process, please see OT&E Certification FAQs.

To learn about the security requirements for the client application, please see Registrar Security FAQs.

Checklist for Step 3
Before scheduling an OT&E certification test, please make sure you have completed all of Step 1 and the following items:

  • Review the OT&E certification requirements
  • Obtain an SSL certificate from an accepted certificate authority
  • Develop a client application that uses the EPP protocol and supports SSL connection to the .aero registry